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Iowa Innovation Council


The Iowa Innovation Council is a working group of Iowa business leaders, regents university and community college officials charged with developing strategies to encourage and support innovation in Iowa. It is aimed at creating the high-paying jobs of the future and ensuring that Iowa remains competitive in a global economy. Created by legislation in 2010, the council also relies on innovation-based research to implement strategies for economic growth.

The IIC seeks to create an active partnership between state government, private industry and higher education to boost innovation and commercialization by new and existing Iowa businesses. Maintaining and expanding the economic performance of Iowa’s targeted industries will depend on the ability to innovate and rapidly move new processes and products to the marketplace.

Recognizing that entrepreneurs and their companies are the ones needed to attain the council’s vision, the majority of people guiding the effort are from these types of companies. Of the council’s 29 members, 20 must be actively involved in the management of a company in the targeted industries of bioscience, information technology or advanced manufacturing. The Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) board of directors chooses those members. Others are on the council because of the positions they hold in government or higher education, including the three regents universities and two presidents from Iowa community colleges.

Council Members

Glenn Baker

Director, Engineering, Technology & Quality
Deere and Company

Allen Bierbaum

VP Technology
Priority 5 Holdings Inc.

Joni Campidilli

VP Sales and Marketing
Percival Scientific

Curt Carlson

President and CEO

Doane Chilcoat (IIC Chair)

Director, Applied Technology Systems
DuPont Pioneer

Mark Darrah

President and CEO
Athena GTX

Cindy Dietz

Director, Corporate Communications
Rockwell Collins

Kevin Gaul

Director, Advanced Technology, Industry Affairs and Design Assurance
Pella Corporation

John Greaves

Vice President, Specialty Crops
Kemin Industries

Roger Hargens

President and CEO

Emily Harris

General Counsel
Metabolic Technologies, Inc.

Peter Hong (IIC Vice-Chair)

NewTech Ceramics

Maureen Lockwood

Manufacturing Manager

Sarah Nusser

VP for Research
Iowa State University

Dan Reed

VP for Research and Economic Development
University of Iowa

Emily Schmitt

General Counsel
Sukup Manufacturing Company

Dave Takes

Doerfer Companies

Susie Thomann

VP and CIO, Retirement and Investor Services
Principal Financial Group

Susan Wood

President and CEO
Vida Diagnostics

Other Voting Members

Michael Crum

VP for Economic Development and Business Engagement
Iowa State University

Debi Durham

Iowa Economic Development Authority

Rick Neumann

Chair, Iowa Capital Investment Board
Nyemaster Goode Law Firm

Randy Pilkington

Executive Director Business & Comm. Services
University of Northern Iowa

Beth Townsend

Iowa Workforce Development

Liang Chee Wee

Northeast Iowa Community College

Ex-Officio Members

Senator William A. Dotzler (D)

Senate District 11, Waterloo

Senator Jack Whitver (R)

Senate District 19, Ankeny

Representative Mary Ann Hanusa (R)

House District 99, Council Bluffs

Rep. Charles Isenhart (D)

House District 27, Dubuque