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AI Applications for Your Start-Up Business

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has moved away from being just a buzzword to becoming a part of our everyday lives. We’ve seen chat bots pop up on our social media, smart cars driving on the interstate, and industrial robots taking on duties in the manufacturing industry. But how can AI help start-up companies?

  1. Recommendation Engines

As a start-up business, it’s important to grow your customer base and create sales. Through the use of AI, you can boost sales by using new and existing customer data gathered from different channels to target them towards your product with content they will be engaged by. Recommendation engines are great for start-ups as they are more cost-effective than solely relying on taking customers through your marketing funnel.

  1. Advanced Analytics

Today, there are analytics for almost everything, making it hard to track all of your data. If you aren’t able to gain insights to your data, then your company may take more time to move forward. This is where advanced analytics come in. Through the use of analytics tools, you will be able to customize and automate your services, which will keep you organized and allow you to analyze data from multiple marketing channels. 

  1. Retargeting Platforms

Just because someone left your website, doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in your product. Through the use of AI retargeting platforms, your company is able to reintroduce your product to potential customers through ads on other pages online. The goal of this is to take customers from the awareness stage to the purchase stage.

There are a number of ways that AI technology can help start-up businesses, but these three applications can start you on the right track for a low-cost. Learn more about using cost-efficient AI applications to increase your bottom line here.