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Fueling the Fitness Industry

Kamath Biosciences founders, Jay and Anant Kamath, with education and experience in biochemistry and human nutrition, have developed scientifically formulated  powdered fitness beverage mixes and sports supplements to a specific segment of this growing market – endurance non-professional athletes that are concerned about both improved functional performance and overall health benefits. This market tends to be over the age of 40 and centered on the sports of cycling and running.  Although there are numerous products promising and delivering improved performance for this target market, many of those products also contain ingredients that provide negative side effects and potential long-term damage. “What makes you feel better is not always better for you,” says Anant Kamath, “and products are littered with carcinogens, caffeine, and sugars in doses far above healthy levels.”

Kamath Biosciences LLC, with extensive assistance from the State of Iowa, has broadened its product portfolio and completed product development. They have produced three major products including their first product, Cardiostrong, which is a protein and Co-enzyme Q10 based protein recovery powdered beverage mix. In June 2014, they finished production of their second major product, Vanquish, an Ursolic acid based energy and endurance gel. In late 2014 they completed production on their third major product, HydraMax Elite, which is an ultra-endurance hydration powdered beverage mix.

You can find their products in many running and biking stores and HyVee, as well as online. They attended the IronMan competition in Hawaii in 2015 and placed there products in two retail stores there.