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How Accepting Failure Can Positively Affect a Start-up’s Success

No one goes through life without messing up, and the same goes for any company. When you begin your start-up venture, there is a lot to learn. And a lot of that learning will come from failure—and that’s okay.

An article by Fortune stated that nine out of ten start-ups fail. Don’t let that discourage you— rather, let it be reassuring that if something happens, you’re not alone. Statistics like this are provided to encourage entrepreneurs to work harder and smarter.

When companies accept failure and try again, they are improving their odds of success by working through their struggles. Steve Jobs is a great example of an entrepreneur who accepted failure then turned around and built the most successful tech company there is. While many start-ups fail, it’s their reaction to the situation that will get them going again.

“I believe acceptance of failure at a societal level is one of the key ingredients that allows the technology start-up industry in the US to flourish,” says Mark Suster, two-time entrepreneur, in a “Both Sides” article.

Failure is normal, and from failure comes success. To learn more about why acceptance of failure is critical to start-up success, view this article or contact IICorp to grow your start-up.