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How Start-up Accelerators Have Become Popular

Start-up accelerator programs are known to be a path to faster progress for entrepreneurial companies. In fact, the success boost that entrepreneurs receive from these accelerators is remarkably similar across countries—and even continents.

A study by Harvard Business Review gathered data from more than 2,000 ventures in 42 accelerator programs across different countries and settings. It also compared acceleration in emerging markets versus high-income countries. The results revealed that companies that participate in accelerator programs grow at significantly higher rates compared to ventures that applied to, but weren’t accepted into, the programs.

Where start-up accelerators shine is providing the right help to the right people. Entrepreneurs that work with accelerators are primarily looking to grow their businesses and connect with potential investors. Because each entrepreneur has a different goal and capital funding need, it becomes the accelerator’s job to understand those needs and align the right resources with the venture.

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