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How to Give a Great Sales Presentation

Have you ever given a sales presentation—and heard crickets in response? Maybe your presentation was too long, or you didn’t connect with the audience. Sales presentations can be tricky, but with these three steps, you’ll give smoother, more effective pitches in no time:

  1. The shorter, the better.

There is nothing worse for an audience member than being stuck in a presentation that drags on. The shorter your presentation, the easier it will be for people to remember your key points. Even if your process or product is complicated, stick to an overview—and make your points bold and compelling. Provide access to lots of support materials, PowerPoint slides, or online links to support your presentation. Let the audience members tell you if they want to spend more time on the details: Allow plenty of time for Q&A and be ready to respond.

  1. Tell a story.

Stating the features of your product is important, but relating it to a client or a case study is even more so. Use a story to paint a picture of how the product or service will benefit the prospect. Share how others in the industry have faced similar issues and how your business helped solve their problems.

  1. Give a solution.

Your product or service should provide a solution to the user. Before you give your presentation, identify your prospect’s frustrations are and how your product could solve them. By focusing your offerings on solving the prospect’s problems rather than a laundry list of features that may not be relevant to your prospect, you’ll make your presentation seem less “salesy.”

For more tips on giving a great presentation, go to 5 Simple Steps to The Best Sales Presentation of Your Life. Looking for more resources to help your company grow? Contact Iowa Innovation Corporation and learn what we can offer entrepreneurs.