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Industry 4.0 is the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Industry 4.0 is more than just a new buzzword: It’s the next phase in the digitization of manufacturing that has potential to change the way industrial companies work. Companies that implement Industry 4.0 will focus on driving manufacturing forward through faster and more efficient models.

Through this fourth industrial revolution, manufacturers will be able to use new tools for smarter energy consumption, greater information storage in products, and real-time yield optimization. The combination of these efforts will interplay with the physical world to drive innovation.

This digital transformation connects the supply chain and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems directly to the production line in order to form automated manufacturing processes.

So, what does Industry 4.0 mean for your company? Typically, if Industry 4.0 is successfully implemented, you will start to see annual revenues increase and costs decrease. Not only that, but you can provide your customers with better service through the deep information available with Industry 4.0

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