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Inventors to Entrepreneurs

We hear about inventors and entrepreneurs all the time, but what about inventors becoming entrepreneurs?

Daniel Spulber, professor of management and strategy at the Kellogg School, suggests that becoming an innovative entrepreneur is possible, and is something that should be done.

“The inventor’s tacit knowledge is important because it can overcome the competitive advantages in technology implementation that existing firms derive from complementary assets,” Spulber states in an Inc. article.

In fact, we need innovative entrepreneurs. With the way that innovator’s minds work, they are able to transform their inventions into marketable products. Rather than competing with an existing firm, take your innovative idea and invest in it yourself. The steps in getting your invention into the market will be decreased. As an inventor, you know the most about your invention, making it easier to transfer into the marketplace.

So, what do you think, are you ready to become an innovative entrepreneur? To read more about why inventors should become entrepreneurs, click here.