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Iowa AgriTech Accelerator

Iowa is known for its agribusiness, and in 2016, the state successfully launched the Iowa AgriTech Accelerator. This group is a mentor-led accelerator based in Des Moines, IA that is focused on agri tech innovations.

According to the Iowa AgriTech Accelerator website, start-ups that participate in the program have opportunities to collaborate with industry leaders onsite at their companies, present their solutions to refine product-market fit, perform customer discovery within the industry and build strategic partnerships. Throughout this process, start-up companies will be connected with mentors, which will lead company principals through the program. Start-ups will be given a $40,000 cash investment for 6% equity to help them get on their feet.

Each program lasts 94–100 days and will build start-ups to the point where they will be able to grow their own customer base in the agri tech industry.

In an article for Cultivation Corridor, Executive Director Megan Vollstedt predicted that these start-ups will bring new and innovative processes and equipment to the Central Iowa agri tech ecosystem.

Are you looking to begin a business in the agri tech industry? Learn more by contacting us at IICorp to see how you can help grow Iowa’s innovation economy.