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Iowa Bioscience Development Center (IBDC)

The Iowa Innovation Corporation is committed to supporting Iowa’s innovators and entrepreneurs, with a particular focus on the biosciences.

  • Were you aware that Iowa has over 30% more jobs in the bioscience sectors than the national average, with over 24,000 people at nearly 1,300 businesses located across the state?


  • Were you aware that these jobs pay, on average, over 60% more than the average for all private sector jobs?


  • Were you aware that the biosciences are among the fastest growing fields in higher education – accounting for nearly 60 percent enrollment growth at Iowa State University since 2005 and attracting about $1 billion annually in outside funding for our state’s research institutions?


The four platforms that are the focus of the IBDC represent large markets with significant growth potential, where we believe Iowa can establish or enhance a leadership position. The four platforms are:

  • Biobased Chemicals: Biobased chemicals offer the potential for next-generation products with improved performance relative to current petrochemical-based products, as well as new opportunities to diversify uses and increase the value of agricultural outputs. Iowa has more deployed biomanufacturing capital assets than any other state and is well positioned to be the preferred location for bioproduct manufacturing.


  • Precision And Digital Agriculture: Iowa researchers and industries are leading innovators in precision and digital agriculture. New products are emerging that integrate advanced technologies in sensors, the internet-of-things, cyber-physical systems, precision guidance systems, artificial intelligence, big data and real-time analytics. Iowa has a distinct opportunity to leverage its extensive university expertise with major companies active in this space and tackle complexities such as understanding in real time how crops are performing based on data from the plant’s genotype and environmental sensors and predicting how best to adjust management practices.


  • Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics: Iowa is well-positioned to lead R&D-driven innovation and economic growth in the area of animal vaccines, especially for food-producing animals. The unique confluence of vaccine and animal health companies, USDA research and regulatory facilities, and university research expertise and capabilities provide Iowa with a unique opportunity in this space. New technologies such as emerging nanovaccine platforms also offer the potential for low-cost, efficacious and safe vaccines.


  • Medical Devices: Researchers have been developing and implementing medical devices and technologies for decades for both human and animal healthcare. The University of Iowa is uniquely situated to leverage ideas and concepts conceived by physicians, researchers and technical staff to create, fabricate and commercialize devices to specifically advance diagnostic and other complex medical procedures. The Protostudios prototyping resource at UI has longstanding knowledge of FDA requirements and is focused towards medical device development. The Iowa MADE resource already provides an avenue for FDA-exempt devices to be produced and marketed to the medical community.