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Manufacturing in Iowa

Manufacturing is one of Iowa’s largest industries, making it an important asset to the state’s economy. In fact, manufacturing contributes $31 billion to Iowa’s economy, putting Iowa within the top 10 national percentage of GDP derived from manufacturing.

“Iowa is a manufacturing state, and there are people all across Iowa making innovative products to fulfill critical needs all over the world,” said David Zrostlik, Stellar Industries, Garner, in Business Record’s October 13 issue.

Those innovative needs are filled by 6,100 manufacturers employing 200,000 Iowans. And as manufacturing continues to grow, so does the expansion in digital manufacturing. The future of manufacturing will be filled with computer-based and network-based technologies, such as 3-D printing for metal and plastics and virtual and augmented reality.

With the continued growth of manufacturing, former Iowa Governor Terry Branstad declared 2017 the Year of Manufacturing, with hopes to increase Iowa’s manufacturing GDP from $31 billion to $32 billion by 2022.

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