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Now Serving Smart Flights

Think back to the last time you enjoyed a beer flight. How quickly did you forget which beer was which?

FliteBrite has transformed this common problem into an economic opportunity, with the world’s first and only electronic beer flight platform.

Built and fully manufactured in Iowa, FliteBrite incorporates a color touchscreen built into a durable beer paddle to fuel a more engaging customer experience. Using big data, the paddles dynamically track each beer, highlighting the brewery and beer’s names, style, IBU, and ABV, as well as a short description of the beer. The interactive touchscreen also allows customers to rate favorites in real-time and share their #SmartFlights through social media.

Ethan Davidson, Ben Sinclair, and Ben McDougal are the beer-loving entrepreneurs behind FliteBrite. An experienced and digitally connected team, the trio loves technology and knows how to build scalable companies. With the introduction of FliteBrite, they’re on the cusp of igniting a new era of smart beer flights within the craft beer industry.

Consider the potential of the market. The Brewers Association now recognizes approximately 4,200 craft breweries in the U.S. alone. The National Restaurant Association reports there are more than a million restaurants in the U.S. generating nearly $800 billion dollars each year. As the FliteBrite team explained during its big reveal at 1 Million Cups Des Moines, the food and beverage industry is indeed massive, and offers a prime market for an innovative “disruption” such as FliteBrite.

For breweries, restaurants, and bars, FliteBrite’s online dashboard simplifies menu management while also generating valuable analytics for business owners. Along with intuitive features that can help boost an establishment’s bottom line, FliteBrite provides educational entertainment, building brand awareness and customer engagement in a crowded market.

“FliteBrite solves a problem with awesome technology, but we’ve also remained focused on quality product design and manufacturing to ensure durability,” said cofounder Ethan Davidson (left).

“The balance we’ve achieved between technology and tradition is special,”said cofounder Ben Sinclair (right). “First-timers to craft beer can compare what they’re drinking, while connoisseurs can tap into more details than ever before. Pairing beer flights with real-time information that’s easy to manage for the establishment, has led to an evolved beer tasting experience.”

“We built FliteBrite to bring people together in a connected era,” added cofounder Ben McDougal (center). “FliteBrite unlocks a fun new way for people to learn more about the things they like and share their experiences.”

It’s been a pleasure for the Iowa Innovation Corporation to support the team at FliteBrite—and the feeling is mutual.

“We’re so thankful for the supportive environment in Iowa,” said Davidson. “Bringing an innovative product to market is always challenging, but it takes a community-driven effort to successfully combine software development, electronic engineering, and advanced manufacturing into a smart device that’s affordable for everyone.”

Added McDougal, “We appreciate all that the Iowa Innovation Corporation has done to support FliteBrite since the beginning. Cheers!”

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